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Home Hello, welcome to Genes All Natural Products. This store is designed to help the customer with natural products. It is overwhelming to go to the health food and see so many products. This store is designed to make shopping easy with exclusive products that are designed just for your needs. Our customers come first and we try to serve you the best that we know how. The book (Natural Ways For Healing Mites and Morgellons) with 8 different peoples stories of natural ways they healed is a great help. We have Electric aroma lights for menthol diffusing or natural oils. Mountain Cedar oil for diffusing with the aroma ace diffuser.
We have an amazing cream called NM Soothing Cream that might ease the skin from irritations, rashes and mite bites. Another great product is the NM Orange clean that may get the bacteria and bugs out of your cloths. Please email genesnaturalproducts@yahoo.com or call 760-436-6339 for customer care.

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Cedar Oil 2oz Cedar Oil 2oz

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