Book: Natural Ways For Healing Mites & Morgellons, Itching & Irritated Skin

Book: Natural Ways For Healing Mites & Morgellons, Itching & Irritated Skin

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The 248 page Book "Natural Ways for Healing Mites and Morgellons," author Diane Olive has compiled a treasure trove of life-saving information on how to heal oneself of itching and irritated skin and other debilitating symptoms caused by this illness. Based on her own incredible healing journey and those of others, her book outlines a plan that includes the best diet, vitamins, and herbs to ward off mites and Morgellons disease; natural ways to eliminate mites from the home and car; and how to use the power of prayer and spirituality to heal the body. She also describes eight people's success stories, along with the stories of several famous people, to inspire and remind readers that they are not alone in overcoming this new illness. The reasons why the FDA and CDC are not recognizing mites and Morgellons disease, ideas on how we can create changes to reestablish choices for our health freedom, and how together we can help those in trouble are also explored.

Meet the Author
Diane Olive has a certification in Health from Rosemont College, Pennsylvania, and a BA in Fine Arts from California State University, Northridge. In her first book, "Think Before You Eat," Diane wrote about how essential eating living foods is for the health of the body, which she learned firsthand by healing herself of Candida, food allergies, and celiac disease. After contracting Morgellons disease twenty years later, Diane once again had to learn to heal herself through diet, herbs, and spirituality since medical doctors were unable to treat the illness properly. She currently resides in Encinitas, California, with her husband John.

This book is written by Diane Olive to help people with major skin problems. This book has 8 different peoples story's who recovered naturally from this illness.It is loaded with information on vitamins, herbs, and other natural ways to heal the body. T Please write to {{mailto}}{{endmailto}} if you can not afford the book, a E-book and it will be given for free.

* Best diet, recipes, vitamins, and herbs to ward off mites and Morgellons disease
* 8 people’s success stories on how they overcame this new illness
* What doctors are doing to help
* Natural ways to eliminate mites from the home and car
* How to help itching and irritated skin
* Famous people who have contracted this disease
* The urgent need to address this serious situation
* Getting rid of bed bugs the natural way
* What everyone can do to help the bee population recover
* Why even bats are disappearing too
* The power of prayer to help the body
* How together we can create a better world
* Why spirituality and fostering oneness is important